Buy a Book in Support of SICC

Dr DoBook Cover of Savior of the Child by Don N. Bacchusn N Bacchus, club member, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed School Psychologist, parent, grandparent, and author of Beyond Psychotherapy, Savior of the Child, and several published professional articles, has generously donated 50 signed copies of his book — Savior of the Child — to Sarasota International Cricket Club (SICC) to be sold for $30 at the upcoming Six-a-Side Cricket Festival. All proceeds will go to SICC.

The book is an easy read– 333 pages and 169 topics. It is a book for parents, educators, and anyone involved in raising and guiding children.

Dr. Bachus (Donny) will be setting up a stand at the upcoming Six-a-Side Cricket Festival at SICC on November 25-27, 2016. Get an author-signed copy of his book and help SICC achieve its mission in the process.

Buy a Book – Support SICC – Take home a wealth of ideas for a lifetime of benefit!

About the authorDr. Don N. Bacchus

Dr. Don N. Bacchus is a psychologist with over 37 years of experience. He has published many professional articles and is the author of Beyond Psychotherapy—123 Life-Changing Ideas. Dr. Bacchus and his wife of 45 years live in Florida and have two children. His wife is a teacher; his daughter is a doctor of pediatric medicine; and his son is a doctor of clinical psychology. Dr. Bacchus has two grandsons, Joshua and Aaron, to whom this book is dedicated.