Cricket Festival 2015

As most members and friends of the club already know the Thanksgiving Sixes won’t take place this year. It wasn’t an easy decision to interrupt such a long-standing and popular tradition. In mid-summer plans were underway to stage the festival as usual. But then in late September, we had several cancellations. Instead of a full slate of out of town visiting teams, we were left with five. Laurence Parry, who has been the guiding light for the festival, and who each year still volunteers to take on the difficult task of recruiting the visiting teams, concluded that we had too few teams for the event to succeed and too little time remained to find replacements. He asked the board to cancel for this year and his recommendation was accepted.
We hope that this will indeed be a short break and the festival will continue in the future. The club is contemplating a tournament in the first half of 2016 at a time to be decided. It likely will be T20 and use additional pitches set out on the polo practice fields. The club is also planning to host regional and national youth cricket tournaments in the near future. Details will be available on the website as they are confirmed.