Saturday night: UnGala Gala, Dinner & Auction

Tonight is the Six a Side evening Gala, actually an UnGala Gala at Sarasota Sailing Squadron,1717 Ken Thompson Parkway, near Mote Marina Aquarium. Doors will open at 6:30pm, Dinner starts at 7pm . Dress Smart Casual.

We will have some phenomenal auction items!

Signature  Cricket Bat - MCC against the Rest of the World  Six A Side Festival 2014Signature Cricket Bat

The signatures are 22 of the best cricket players of the last 20-30 years and they were collected at the ‘2014 M.C.C. vs The Rest of the World‘ game at Lord’s cricket ground in London.


Tennis Racket signed by Roger FedererSignature Tennis Racket

Signed by Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 2 by the Association of Tennis Professionals. Some commentators and players regard Federer as the greatest tennis player of all time.  (Wikipedia)


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Thank you to all our Six A Side Festival 2014 Sponsors!

Six A Side Festival Sponsors-2014

Our sponsors made this fun weekend for 10 teams, our members and the Sarasota region possible. Make sure to check out their businesses!

Six A Side 2014 Schedule and Results

This page will be updated through out the tournament.


9:45 amMarlinsSaracensSaracens by 3 w.
10:30 amMemorialSussex SharksSussex by 4 r.
11:15 amMarlinsSussex Sharks Vets.Marlins by 5 w.
12:00 pmOld GrammariansSaracensSaracens by 21 r.


9:45 amGreeniesMemorialMemorial by 3 w.
10:30 amEver GreeniesOld GrammariansEver Greenies by 5 w.
11:15 amSaracensSussex Sharks VetsSaracens by 14 r.
12:00 pmSussex SharksTitansSussex by 2 w.
12:45 pmEver Greenies Sussex Sharks VetsEver Greenies by 5 w.
1:30 pmGreeniesTitansGreenies by 5 w.
2:15 pmNashvilleSussex SharksNashville by 11 r.


9:45 amEver GreeniesMarlinsMarlins by 16 r.
10:30 amGreeniesNashvilleNashville by 43 r.
11:15 amEver GreeniesSaracensEver Greenies by 9 r.
12:00 pmMemorialNashvilleNashville by 15 r.
12:45 pmGreeniesSussex SharksSussex by 9 r.
1:30 pmNashvilleTitansNashville by 3 w.
2:15 pmOld GrammariensSussex Sharks VetsOld Grammarians by 1 r.
3:00 pmMemorialTitansMemorial by 5 r.
3:45 pmMarlinsOld GrammariensMarlins by 60 r.


9:45 am
Group B Semi Final
Ever GreeniesSaracensEver Greenies
10:30 am
Group A Semi Final
11:15 am
Group A Semi Final
MarlinsOld GrammariensMarlins
12:00 pm
Group A Semi Final
Sussex SharksMemorialSussex Sharks
12:45 pm
1:30 pm
Wooden Spoon
TitansSussex VetsW.S.: Sussex Vets
2:15 pm
Fun Shield
Ever GreeniesMarlinsEver Greenies
3:00 pm
Festival Shield
NashvilleSussex SharksNashville


Group A (Festival Shield)Group B (Fun Shield)
GreeniesEver Greenies
NashvilleOld Grammarians
Sussex SharksSaracens
TitansSusses Sharks Veterans