2016 Sarasota Six-a-Side Best Player Awards

At the conclusion of the 2016 Sarasota Six-a-Side Cricket Festival the best player awards were handed out by the great West Indies cricketer Alvin Kallicharran.

Best Fielder  – Jermaine Levine, Memorial CC, Houston, TX

2016 Six-a-Side Best Fielder
Alvin Kallicharran awarding Jermaine Levine, Memorial CC, Houston, TX, with the trophy for best fielder of the tournament

Best Bowler – Fakhr (Dean) Lodhi, Nashville CC, TN

2016 Six-a-Side Best Bowler
Alvin Kallicharran handing the award for best bowler to Fakhr (Dean) Lodhi

Best Batsman – Matthew (Texas) Walker, Memorial CC, TX

2016 Six-a-Side Best Batsman
Alvin Kallicharran giving the award for best batsman to Matthew (Texas) Walker

Earlier Mr. Kallicharran had handed out this year’s three finals awards to the captains of the winning teams

Festival Plate – Imran Ali of Sarasota International CC, Sarasota, FL

Festival Bowl – Matthew (Texas) Walker of Village Greenies CC, Georgetown, Grand  Cayman

Festival Cup – Naveed Khan of Nashville CC, Nashville, TN

2016 Sarasota Six-a-Side Winning Captains
Left to right: Imran Ali, Naveed Khan, Ian Rotsey

2016 Sarasota Six-a-Side Winners

Sunday, November 27, saw the finals of the 22nd Sarasota Six-a-Side Cricket Festival. Six teams competed for the plate, bowl and cup trophies.

The awards were presented by famous West Indian cricketer Alvin Kallicharran.

Festival Cup

Winners – Nashville CC, Nashville, TN

Finalists – Memorial CC, Houston, TX

Festival Bowl

Winners – Greenies (Village Greenies CC), Georgetown, Grand  Cayman

Finalists – Titans CC, West Palm Beach, FL

Festival Plate

Winners – Sarasota International CC, Lakewood Ranch, FL

Finalists – Ever Greenies (Village Greenies CC), Georgetown, Grand Cayman

2016 Six-a-Side Cup Teams
Left: Ever Greenies (Village Greenies CC)
Right: Sarasota International CC


It’s Finals Day at the 22nd Sarasota Six-a-Side Cricket Festival

Today will see three finals:

  • The Plate Final featuring the Cayman Island Evergreens vs. the hosts Sarasota International
  • The Bowl Final between the West Palm Titans and the Cayman Island  Greenies
  • The Cup Final with Nashville CC facing Houston Memorial

Between Bowl and Cup Final the Sarasota British Car Club will showcase their fine British vehicles of all ages in a parade around the cricket ground.

Also between these finals we will have a curry lunch buffet.

10:30 amPlate FinalCayman Island EvergreeniesSarasota InternationalSarasota won by 2 wickets
12:00 pmBowl FinalWest Palm TitansCayman Island GreeniesGreenies
1:30 pmLunchLunchLunch
3:00 pmCup FinalNashville Houston MemorialNashville