25th Annual Six-a-Side Cricket Tournament

  • Where: Sarasota International Cricket Club, Sarasota, Florida
  • When: Friday through Friday, November 29 to Sunday, Dec 1st, 2019 the U.S Thanksgiving weekend.
  • What: Six-a-Side Cricket, 8 teams in two divisions of four play round robins on Friday and Saturday. All teams in Sunday play-offs to decide festival and cup, plate, bowl and medal winners.

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“Autographed print of batting legend Sir Garfield Sobers”

A highly skilled bowler, an aggressive batsman and an excellent fielder, he is widely considered to be cricket’s greatest ever all-rounder. (Wikipedia)

Schedule & Results

9:00 amSharks v Esher (93 : 117)Sharks v Ever Greenies (117 : 86)
10:20 amGreenies v. Swansea U (104 : 104)Esher Srs v Greenies (74 : 76)
11:40 amEver Greenies v Trini Abroad (82 : 81)Esher v Trini Abroad (92 : 93 )
1:00 pmEsher Legends v Titans (71 : 72)Esher Legends v Swansea U (67 : 68)
2:20 pmSharks v Trini Abroad (120 : 115)Esher v Ever Greenies (95 : 93)
3:40 pmSwansea U v Titans (145 : 81)Greenies v Titans (80 : 78)
10:20 amMedal Final /13
Trinis Abroad vs. Esher Legends (123: 53)
11:40 amPlate Final /14
Evergreens vs Titans (84: 90
1:40 pmBowl Final /15
Sharks vs. Greenies (91 : 95)
3:00 pm Cup Final /16
Esher vs Swansea U (72 : 135)

Division 1

  • Esher, UK
  • Ever Greenies, Cayman Islands
  • Sharks, Sarasota, FL
  • Trini Abroad, Tampa, FL

Division 2

  • Esher Legends, Uk
  • Greenies, Cayman Islands
  • Swansea University, Wales
  • Titans, Palm Beach, FL


The International Cricket Council’s mission statement talks of “building bridges between continents, countries and communities” which points to the principal reason for the growing popularity of cricket. It is the sport’s unique ability to bring people together, no matter where they come from, or what their background, that makes it so captivating.

We need look no further than our own Sarasota club to see the truth of this.

Since 1993 the club’s Thanksgiving Six-a-Side Festival has been graced by teams from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and many parts of the United States.

Sarasota has made reciprocal visits many of these teams. The club has toured to Canada, the Bahamas, England, Guyana, Mexico, Scotland, Trinidad, South Africa and St Vincent.

In the United States we have played out of state in Atlanta, Columbus, Philadelphia, Houston and San Francisco.

This would not have happened if cricket wasn’t more than just a game. Meeting new people, making friends, renewing old friendships is more important than what happens on the field. So welcome, especially if you are watching cricket for the first time. You are joining a worldwide community.

Welcome to our returning competitors from the Village Greenies, Esher, Titans and Saracens. Thank you to everyone for coming.

Enjoy the Sarasota Sixes, on and off the field. And playing or watching, keep your eye on the ball!

Richard Lawrence, Club President
Chris Thakoorpersad, Club Captain and Vice President


Swansea University Cricket Club (SUCC)

Captain: Samihan Ghanekar

Samihan Ghanekar, Captain, Team Swansea University Cricket Club

We here at SUCC have a proud history of overachieving on the cricket field whilst creating lifelong friendships off it. Our club is open to students of all ages and abilities – whether you’re a cricket enthusiast aiming to play in competitive fixtures, or have never played before and are interested in learning the game, or even if you’re simply looking to meet new people and enjoy a social with us on nights out, you’re always welcome at SUCC! We have 2 men’s BUCS teams that play midweek fixtures against other universities from April to June, and another social men’s team that plays local club sides on weekends. The club is growing rapidly at the moment. We have plans in place to field women’s teams and staff teams this summer.

Our biggest fixture of the season is the annual Varsity game held against Cardiff University, where the two sides face off in a T20 game, played in colored kit and with a pink ball. This year, Varsity will be held in Swansea, at St. Helens Cricket Ground, famous for being the ground at which the legendary Garfield Sobers once hit 6 sixes in an over.

The club is really proud to be sending a side out to Florida to compete in the tournament, and we’ll be hoping our boys can give a strong representation of Swansea University, and most importantly, that they enjoy their time out there and play the game in the right spirit.’

Esher Cricket Club

Captain: Alex Martin

Founded in 1863, Esher CC on the southwest border of London, fields four adult teams and has a thriving, nationally recognized youth program. The 1st XI plays in the prestigious and highly competitive Surrey Championship 1st Division.

The club’s goal is to widen the appeal of cricket by attracting and inspiring existing and potential cricketers of all ages. Esher has been a frequent participant in the Sarasota Thanksgiving Sixes and SICC is delighted to welcome them back.

Titans Cricket Club

Based in West Palm Beach, Titans Cricket Club, presently plays in the South Florida Premier League 40 and 20-over competitions. The club was formed in 2007 with the mission of attracting players of all ages and ability, with an emphasis on developing and providing opportunities for young players.

Titans CC visits SICC once or twice a year for 35-over matches in between its league commitments. The club has also been a regular competitor in the Sarasota Sixes. SICC welcomes old friends at Titans CC.

Village Greenies Cricket Club

Captains: Dave McGrath and Ryan Bovell

The Village Greenies CC was formed in 1974 and presently has teams competing in both the first and second divisions of the Cayman Islands Cricket Association competition.

2017 Six-a-Side Cup Winners Village Greenies
Cayman Islands Village Greenies

The Greenies’ name is taken from the nick name for a bottle of Heineken beer. The club has a strong international flavor, with players from the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Barbados, and St Kitts which has enabled it to compete with distinction over a long period of time. The Village Greenies have been regular participants in the Sarasota Sixes almost since the beginning and they are
among its past winners. SICC warmly welcomes them back.Trinis Abroad

Trinis Abroad

Captain: Imran Ali

Trinis Aborad Team is made up of an excellent vibrant group of Tribagonians domiciled here in South / Central Florida. A home grown players of the Trinis Abroad Group are current members of the Sarasota International Cricket Club serving in many capacities of the Club’s acclaimed developments in the cricketing arena. These fine gentlemen are Bert Sookram, Imran Ali and Dwayne Diaz. The other avid Cricketers are Navin Jailal, Kevin Basdeo, David Ramsingh, Kumar Basdeo, Kyle Phillips, Ravo Boodoo, and Kemar Jarrett. Trines Abroad Cricket Unit takes this opportunity to sincerely wish and congratulate Sarasota International’s Cricket Club’s vision and foresight into developing friendship around the Globe through the game of Cricket and with their endeavors in participative development. 

Photos from previous years

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