Who We Are

What We’re About: The Game of Cricket

Cricket is followed and played by billions around the world. The game has the unique ability to bring together men and women of different ages, backgrounds, nationalities and creeds. Sarasota International Cricket Club was founded in 1983 by a diverse group of cricketers who brought their knowledge and love of the game to the west coast of Florida with the aim of giving people here the opportunity to learn, play and enjoy the world’s second most popular sport. The club’s activities are geared to achieving its formal mission: To promote the sport of cricket by conducting games and tournaments for amateur cricketers nationally and internationally and to support the development of amateur cricketers , particularly youth cricketers for those competitions, by providing facilities, equipment and training.


Activities include a year round schedule of games in Sarasota with teams from across Florida; occasional games with teams from up and down the east coast; the hosting of touring teams from other countries; the staging of an annual cricket tournament since 1997 that has drawn entries from Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Bermuda, The Cayman Islands, Australia, Israel and Holland, as well from all over the United States; sponsorship of a local youth cricket program; tours that have taken Sarasota cricket to England (twice), Scotland (as ambassadors for Sarasota to its twin city of Dumfermline), South Africa, the Bahamas, Canada (four times), California, and the Philadelphia International Cricket Festival (six times.) Milestones for the club include the visit of the Lord’s Taverners, England’s primary cricket charity benefiting physically challenged children, in 1995: matches against the cricket team of Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia in Sarasota and in the UK in 1997; the visit of the Primary Club, Australia’s principal cricket charity in 2003; and two matches with the MCC touring team from London as part of their cricket development tour of the eastern USA organised by the International Cricket Council and the England and Wales Cricket Board, respectively, the world and UK governing bodies for cricket.


The club is organised as a Florida not for profit corporation, owned and managed by the entirely voluntary efforts of its members. In 2012 it was granted tax exempt charitable status under section 501(c)(3) of the US Revenue Code. The club used borrowed or rented facilities in its early years until in 2006 it purchased 5.25 acres in Lakewood Ranch. A further 2.25 acres of neighboring land were purchased in 2014. The club is the only club in the United States, organised solely for the purpose of promoting and playing cricket, that owns it facilities. Its Bermuda grass playing field, ICC­ approved non­-turf match wicket, practice net and club house are recognized as being among the finest facilities in the country.


Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the sport of cricket as a player, helper or supporter, whatever their playing ability or knowledge of the game.